security systems & sevices

  Security System Design & Consultation

In order to design the most effective security system, we first determine your goals and needs. Then we present a customized set of options, costs and specific strategies for a supported and well maintained system. After sign-off, we do extensive testing and training.

 We're thorough in everything that we do. We provide turnkey solutions, using a holistic approach and we work in partnership with you throughout the process. We even train your staff to make sure every part of the security systems strategy is effectively implemented.

Security Guards Support 

 We are connected with a highly professional security organization that provides complete turn-key security solutions for demanding clients who require exceptional quality and outstanding service.

On the manpower side, we provide: 

 - Professional Security Officers available when a full-time and dedicated site presence is required;

 - Mobile Security Patrols available when a full-time Security Officer is impractical or cost prohibitive;

 - Emergency Response Services available when a timely response is required.