professional cleaning's

Each Customer, assigning cleaning, sanitation, disinfection, and maintenance services to an external firm, takes advantage of a Group that has an organization chart composed of a staff continually updated and trained on the innovative job techniques.

Cleaning Services must privilege, together with the physical visible dirt removal, the control of the chemical and biological factors and processes that generate (or could generate) injurious effects to the health of who is accommodated or works in the place.

The daily cleaning service must, consequently, aim to contribute to deterring and reducing, by removal and/or destruction, the presence of microbial charges (pathogenic, opportunist, saprophyte).

This action has the purpose to avoid to the maximum the risk of infection caused by the local pollution, arriving at the optimal degree each environment needs.

In the most critical places the service must be articulate to prevent the regeneration and multiplication of injurious microorganisms.